Data Center Cabling Solutions

JT reminisces about the good old days, after a customer sent an old bus and tag cable tester to the team. This bus and tag cable ran a speed of 4.5Mbps. Currently OM4 fiber is running 100G Ethernet with higher speeds just around the corner. Also, a sneak peek into the future!


Today's data centers are moving incredible amounts of data at blazing fast speeds. We've come to expect instant service. Admit it. You've rolled your eyes while you wait just a few seconds for information. CABLExpress has been in the data center cabling business for over 30 years.

Just recently, a customer sent one of these old bus and tag testers back to us. It got me to thinking how far we've come in just a little time. Here is a bus and tag cable. It was used to connect mainframes in the 1960s to the 1990s. RAM had a blazing fast speed of 4.5 megabits per second. Very heavy, unwieldy. You could defend yourself against an assailant with this cable. Very hard to manage because of the weight and the bend radius with the copper, just very, very tough to work with.

Now mainframe, Ethernet, fiber channel equipment are using fiber optics. It's smaller, lightweight, and much faster. Extremely high bandwidth capacity, it's the platform for these higher speeds we use today and will continue to use for decades to come.

Currently, data centers are running 100G Ethernet over this OM4 fiber, and these speeds will increase quickly over the next few years. I wonder what things will be like thirty years from now.

Future JT: Call past JT

Present JT: This is Josh Taylor.

Future JT: Hey, it's me... Or you.

Present JT: Wait, what?

Future JT: From the future. I'm thirty years from now.

Present JT: Can you tell me what the lotto numbers are for tomorrow?

Future JT: Sorry, that is against time-talk rules. But what I can tell you is, speeds are going to be blazing fast. You're not going to need that phone anymore. Oh, and they also found a cure for aging.

Present JT: Crank call.