Data Center Cabling Solutions

Cable Standards vs. Cable Spin 


Today we’re going to talk about the spin versus the standards.

There’s a lot of marketing information written in a technical way that makes it really, really confusing to truly understand the value of a cable. Value is not just the cost. It’s the cost measured against other factors that may be important to you, such as performance and repeatability.

Cable Industry Standards

The best way to start is with the industry standards. This is the way to get the technical information, not the technical sounding marketing information. I’d recommend you start with BICSI. They’re a professional association supporting the information technology systems industry. They cover voice, data and much more.

You can also look at the UL, the ETL, EIA, TIA, IEEE, NEC and others. After you’ve learned about the standards, now you evaluate your suppliers. Keep it simple here.  Ask for third party test results. These are independent labs that test directly to the industry standards so you can be sure it’s not marketing fluff. And then you measure those results against the industry standards. That’s the sweet spot for a supplier that exceeds and sticks to the standards.

They have the proper documentation; you’ve separated the spin from the standards. It’s that simple - the industry standards, third party test results.

That way you can avoid any potential gimmicks like the one we’ve all heard about… the end-to-end warranty. That may sound good to some people but it usually means you’re locked into buying a specific brand of product. And that translates to higher pricing.