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Maximizing ROI of Your Data Center Cabling

Data center design is comprised of many different aspects of planning, strategy and tactics. What are your goals? What kind of space are you dealing with? What kinds of funds are available? You get the point.

ROI In Data Center Cabling Starts with Smart Designs

Most people involved with data center design have something in common. They want to maximize return on investment (ROI). One of the fundamental ways to make sure you are increasing ROI in your data center design is focusing proper data center cabling infrastructure.

Two-pronged Approach to Data Center Cabling

There are two ways to help you achieve ROI when it comes to data center cabling. 

1. Long Term Strategy and Thinking

One way is take a long-term approach to designing your data center. You want to think in terms of future-proofing your data center.

That means having a clean, flexible, well-organized design that incorporates strategies and tactics focusing on saving space and allowing you to make changes in a quick, simple manner.

Your overall design philosophy is key.

2. Smart Investments in Cabling Systems, Solutions, and Products

The second way to help maximize ROI is investing in cabling products that 

(a) are built with industry-leading quality and forward-looking design

(b) just last longer.  

Sure, this sounds simple. But people have to know how to do this and how to recognize quality data center cable components. Then,  this needs to be implemented effectively over the long term. 

If done correctly, you will maximize ROI, have longer use from your cabling infrastructure, and it will require less maintenance.

These 2 simple but important points above should guide you through all your decisions when it comes to your cabling infrastructure.  As speeds and traffic demands increase, cabling is becoming more and more important.  With that in mind we have created a collection of resources for you learn about achieveing ROI and implementing cabling solutions effectively.

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Our experienced cabling experts have shared their knowledge in several white papers. They are free to download. These have been very popular. We have heard from many people that these white papers have proved to be very helpful resources.

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