Data Center Cabling Solutions

CABLExpress products help you save space

Saving physical space with your cabling infrastructure provides a variety of benefits to your business.

  • Lower your cooling costs
  • Optimize the functionality of your technology
  • Cut down on hardware malfunctions
  • Reduce your overall footprint

Space-saving products free up critical airflow paths and allow you to make optimal use of every square foot of your facility.

CABLExpress has developed innovative products to help you maximize your physical space.

Our Skinny-Trunk® Solution is a high-density structured cabling system, designed to reduce cable congestion, make room for additional equipment and save valuable square footage in your data center.

H+ Enclosures

With the highest port density currently offered in the marketplace, H+ enclosures allow you to save space and seamlessly migrate to higher speeds.


Z-Mount® Brackets

Uniquely designed to mount to the outside of rack, using no horizontal rack space and ensuring the maximum use of your conditioned space.


Ladder Rack Enclosures

Designed to mount directly to overhead conveyance and free up valuable rack space.


Skinny-Trunk Fiber Jumpers

Small 2mm diameter on uniboot cable saves space, ensuring critical airflow paths are not blocked in cabinets


Mini CAT6

CABLExpress® mini CAT6 patch cables are smaller than standard CAT6 cables, using less critical space in your cabling infrastructure.