Designed for high performance
Jumpers that will perform for generations to come

Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Jumpers

Our Skinny-Trunk® fiber jumpers are designed for enhanced performance, repeatability and space-savings in the data center. We use industry-leading Corning glass in all of our TAA-compliant Skinny-Trunk fiber optic cabling to guarantee you receive only the highest quality cabling components.

Product Features

  • Available in a variety of multi-mode and single-mode lengths and connector styles
  • Optional 2mm uniboot construction allows easier plug-in and unplugging, provides robust strain relief, and saves critical space
  • Standard duplex zipcord construction on side release clip cable offers easy field-reversible polarity
  • Designed for high performance - rigorously tested for repeatability and loss, giving you the highest quality product that will perform for generations of hardware to come


Skinny-Trunk Fiber Jumper Cables

Product Options:

50/125 OM4 50/125 OM3 50/125 OM2 62.5/125 OM1 9/125 OS2


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Expertise and assistance

We have a team of specialists at your service to help you choose the right fiber optic jumpers. Our team offers expert technical advice, assists with your layout and design, and helps you manage delivery schedules.

Choosing Quality Cables Makes All the Difference

Fiber optic jumpers (sometimes referred to as fiber optic patch cords or fiber optic cables) are a critical part of a network. Fiber jumpers transmit pulses of light from network transceivers which enable connectivity to your critical IT assets.

There are many specific fiber and connector types available in order to connect whatever type of hardware that you may have.

And it’s important to keep in mind, not all fiber optic jumpers are created equal.

Key factors to look for in your fiber jumpers:


Performance is critical in order to ensure proper functioning of your network equipment. A poor performing cable will slow down traffic and can even lead to a catastrophic failure that will cause network downtime.

CABLExpress EXP Series fiber optic jumpers are built to meet and/or exceed the industry standards, ensuring your equipment will function to its optimum performance.


With more than 40 years of experience in data center cabling, we know that product reliability is the backbone of a trustworthy product. Each component of our fiber optic jumpers is chosen to ensure long-lasting performance through the rigors of installation, and the many moves, adds and changes that will occur over the products lifetime.

This is why we confidently offer a lifetime warranty on all of our CABLExpress products.


We have thousands of jumpers in stock in a wide variety of connector options and fiber types.

Meet the timely demands of your network projects is our top priority.


We can provide customized solutions at a great price with a quick delivery time. You have options for length, color, and labeling customization.

Installation of our fiber optic jumpers delivers high performance, simplicity of color and label coordination, and an extremely aesthetically pleasing finished product.

Common Product Questions

What is “core size?”

The core is the cylinder of glass that transmits data. It is important to use the correct one. The options are:

  • 9/125 = Single-mode
  • 50/125 = Multi-mode
  • 62.5/125 = Multi-mode

What is fiber rating?

This relates to core size. This rating should always be printed on the jacket for easy identification. The options are:

  • OS2 = Single-mode
  • OM1 = Multi-mode 62.5/125
  • OM2 = Multi-mode 50/125
  • OM3 = Multi-mode 50/125 (laser optimized)
  • OM4 = Multi-mode 50/125 (laser optimized, improved)



What color jacket do I need?

Jacket color is designated by the OM designation. The options are:

  • OS2 = yellow
  • OM1 = orange
  • OM2 = orange
  • OM3 = aqua
  • OM4 = aqua

Be careful that you don’t go on jacket color alone. Look for the writing on the cable jacket that specifies the OM and core size rating. This can also help avoid confusion as sometimes custom colors are used.

What connector should I get?


The connector is what plugs into the hardware. It must fit the hardware in order to work. Below is a list of the most common connectors. 

(There are additional connectors, if you don’t see what you need contact us for immediate assistance.)

What connector for fiber cable


Are your cables tested? 

Yes, CABLExpress cables are 100% tested. We provide test results on the bag.


What is the jacket type? 


Riser rated – suitable for indoor use in most applications. Your local fire codes can help you determine if your particular application requires a plenum rated assembly


Do you have a list of the basic technical criteria required for ordering?

  • Multi-mode or single-mode?
  • If multi-mode, what OM rating?
  • Connectors (both sides)?
  • Duplex or simplex?
  • Quantity?