The advantages of port replication
Minimize user errors and eliminate costly mistakes

H-Series Enclosures

High-Density Fiber Enclosures

H-Series enclosures are available in both vertical and horizontal mounting configurations, allowing you to choose port orientation to mirror all major manufacturers' high-density director switches. With port replication, your patch panel and switch ports look identical, minimizing user errors and eliminating mistakes.

Our H-Series enclosures feature a high-density design that can accommodate up to 576 duplex LC ports in one 10U enclosure, while addressing cable management issues that come with high-density designs. They're an integral part of our innovative Skinny-Trunk® Solution.

H-Series Fiber Enclosures Spec Sheet - Download PDF

H-Series 10U 8-Slot Enclosure Spec Sheet - Download PDF

Product Features

  • Physically replicate any switch configuration.
  • H-Series 12U high-density enclosures provide full port replication of 64-, 48- or 32-port SAN director-class switches.
  • H-Series 10U enclosures come in 24-slot and 8-slot versions to provide full port replication for all major hardware manufacturers’ enterprise-class switches.
  • Also available in 1U, 4U and 6U options, allowing physical switch emulation for any density.
  • Modules and adapter panels allow for easy future upgrades, keeping your structured cabling system intact when hardware upgrades occur.
  • Ultra low-loss components allow both flexibility in fiber network design and for more connections while remaining under optical loss budgets.
  • Molded, angled MTP® provides easy removal and insertion.
  • Multiple port densities in horizontal and/or vertical footprints.
  • Lifetime warranty comes standard with all CABLExpress® brand products.


Size Number of Slots Max LC Duplex Port Count Orientation
1U 2 48 Horizontal
4U 12 144 Vertical
6U 12 288 Vertical
10U 8-slot 8 384 Both
10U 24-slot 24 576 Both
12U 8 512 Vertical


H-Series Fiber Enclosures Product Video