Seamlessly migrate to 40G
Avoid unused fiber pathways

10G to 40G Conversion Modules

Maximize usage of your fiber as you seamlessly migrate to 40G.

CABLExpress® conversion modules allow you to avoid unused fiber when converting to 40G. The modules convert two 12-fiber paths into three 8-fiber paths to ensure no "dark fiber" pathways and allow for seamless transition to 40G network speeds.

Within each module, fibers are aggregated to obtain a parallel signal required for 40G multi-mode transceivers. This allows multiple 10G signals to convert to 40G hardware.

Product Features

  • All fibers factory-terminated and pre-tested to ensure simple plug-and-play installation
  • Eliminate the need for high-cost and low-performance field termination
  • High-density footprints allow for optimal space usage
  • Ultra low-loss components allow for flexibility in fiber network design
  • Integrate seamlessly into a recommended TIA-942 structured cabling design
  • Available in H-Series 1U, 6U and 10U and RSD Series 1U, 2U and 4U footprints
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty