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Ideal fiber jumpers and copper patch cords for closets to desktops

CABLExpress EXP Series® Cables

Our CABLExpress EXP Series® cables are the ideal fiber jumpers and copper patch cords for those structured environments like closets to the desktop.

We have thousands of cables in stock and ready to ship to you today, so your project is in no danger of delay. And since “express” is right there in our name, you get your cabling faster than anywhere else.

We offer the best quality at the lowest price - all CABLExpress® brand cables come standard with a lifetime warranty to protect your investment to the fullest.

Fiber Jumpers

fiber jumper cables EXP SeriesWe stock a variety of multi-mode and single-mode lengths and connector styles ready to ship today, or we can custom build jumpers to your exact needs and requirements.


Copper Patch Cables

copper patch cables - CAT6, CAT5eWith stock lengths and colors available for same-day shipping, there’s simply no better way to future-proof your wiring infrastructure.