Extensive cabinet and rack options
Featuring high-density distribution and enhanced cable management

Cabinets and Racks

Quality options to house your hardware

Protect your investment with our high-quality, high-density cabinet and rack designs.

When it comes to housing your hardware, you need options that make your job easy and can accomodate any configuration you design. CABLExpress has those options for you.

Cabinets & Racks - CABLExpress


We offer a wide variety of cabinets designed for high-density applications and side-to-side airflow equipment. Our cabinets are available in multiple sizes and configurations, with numerous options for cable management.

The cabinets are shipped fully assembled and capable of handling high-density switch, server and cable management requirements.

Cable management:

  • 19” horizontal cable managers – duct and ring styles
  • D-ring cable managers
  • Cable management fingers
  • Z-Mount® universal mounting brackets
  • Horizontal (front to back) cable troughs

These cabinets can be used separately or ganged together to create a Main Distribution Area (MDA), the central point of the data center structured cabling system.

Cooling options:

  • Baffle kits for Cisco® switches (and other side-to-side airflow equipment)
  • Brush grommet kits
  • Filler panels
  • Floor grommets
  • Air managers
  • Mesh doors


You can save floor space and some money with our wide variety of easy-access rack options.

Our CABLExpress® racks provide ample room for large cable bundles and come available with a number of cable management features. Our racks are perfect for use in the Equipment Distribution Areas (EDA) of the data center.