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How to Replicate the Fiber Optic Ports of the Brocade G620 Switch

How to Replicate the Fiber Optic Ports of the Brocade G620 Switch

  • Jun 20, 2019
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  • Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor | Director - CABLExpress Product Management

The Brocade G620 is a premium performance Fibre Channel switch that utilizes flash storage technology. With so much power packed in a small amount of space, the G620 has been quickly adopted into data centers around the world.

In order to help data center managers optimize efficiencies, CABLExpress developed a fiber optic patch panel to pair with the G620 and enhance the benefits the switch offers.

Enhancing the G620

The CABLExpress 1U 64-port replication patch panel for the G620 switch benefits you in a number of ways:

The QFLEX ports are converted from a parallel to serial light path. On the switch, the QFLEX ports are MPO-based (parallel). The conversion to LC (serial) in the replication patch panel means you don’t have to worry about messy breakout cables for the QFLEX ports. 

Just as Brocade is known for premium performance for Fibre Channel, CABLExpress is known for premium performance in fiber optic cabling infrastructure. The G620 replication panel will not “throttle back” this blazing-fast switch! 

Port replication reduces cabling-related errors, as well as cabling-related confusion, that can lead to downtime in the data center. The G620 replicator panel offers a direct “one-to-one” relationship between the ports on the switch and the patch panel. This significantly reduces the potential for human error.

Not just the G620

The CABLExpress 1U 64-port patch panel also replicates the ports on the IBM SAN64B-6, EMC DS-6620, and HPE SN6600B switches.

Josh Taylor, Director of Product Management for CABLExpress, and Rick Dallmann, Director of Data Center Architecture for CABLExpress, discuss the 1U 64-port patch panel and its benefits.

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