The High Cost of Low Priced Fiber Cables

The High Cost of Low Priced Fiber Cables

save pennies, lose dollarsIt happens too many times. A business invests a large amount of money in technology to gain a competitive advantage in their market space.  The data center team has invested in their hardware, the fiber optic trunks, and the fiber optic patch panels.  Then they make the mistake of purchasing “discount” fiber jumper cables. This is like stepping over dollars to pick up quarters! Penny wise. Pound foolish.

Advanced Information Technology is Built on a Foundation of Fiber Cables

When it comes to fiber optic data transmission, you are only as strong as your weakest link.  You can have the best trunking and patch panels, but if you have an inferior fiber jumper, you have inferior data transmission on that channel.

Ultimately this can translate to downtime. This is the worst fear of any data center employee!

When Low Prices Cost You Big Dollars

For cabling, the downtime typically occurs due to a broken fiber. Broken fibers can happen easily with “low priced” fiber cables due to sloppy manufacturing techniques.

These cables will look like other cables, and will probably perform like other fiber cables at first, but there is the danger of downtime lurking due to those production shortcuts.

Some of the shortcuts taken:

Improper cleaving of fiber - This can cause the fiber to splinter and break after only a few uses.

Improper polishing – this can leave the fiber height too low or too high. Too low and there will be an air gap. Too high and the fiber could break.

Epoxy – Epoxy holds the fiber in the connector. If too much is used it can cause contamination. Too little and the fiber can come out of the connector.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. Is it worth the risk?

Do you want to save a few pennies to take on the risk of losing huge dollars?

Is your data center relying on cables that are “ticking time bombs”?

Make sure you know the quality of the cable manufacturing. You don’t have to pay way more for a well-made product BUT there are a lot of “cheaply made” products for cheap prices out there.  Buyers beware!