Skinny-Trunk Fiber Trunks Get Even Skinnier!

Skinny-Trunk Fiber Trunks Get Even Skinnier!

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So what have we been up to at CABLExpress? We’ve been working on a product enhancement to our Skinny-Trunk fiber trunks!

Our new Skinny-Trunk fiber trunking actually is skinnier – by almost 20%!

This greatly reduces cabling bulk and congestion in your cable pathways. The breakout legs are now smaller in diameter, they used to be 3mm and are now 2mm.

MPO / MTP - Fiber cable


What does that mean for you?

These result in decreases in the shipping weight of the fiber assemblies - a 47% reduction in the overall weight. Lower shipping weight means lower shipping costs!

slim fiber trunk cable

The bend radius of the Skinny-Trunk fiber trunks has also been decreased. The lower the bend radius, the lower the potential for signal loss. This is another benefit of the new Skinny-Trunk enhancements.

In addition to that, the TIA-942 is recognizing both OM3 and OM4 fiber, but is recommending the use of OM4 fiber for data center infrastructure. So what does that have to do with a new improvement to Skinny-Trunk fiber trunks? With these advancements we are able to keep our costs the same, in fact you may actually see cost reductions in OM4!

How's that for high quality and high value?