Cisco Nexus Cabling - Simple Tools for Doing It Right

Cisco Nexus Cabling - Simple Tools for Doing It Right

The BIG decision has been made. You’re going with the Cisco Nexus XXXX switch. What’s next?

Where is this switch going to live? How is this switch going to be connected to your infrastructure? What you hope doesn’t happen is that you get the equipment and realize that you have forgotten about the cabling. Yes, this does happen!

You know the benefits you get from Cisco hardware – you need the same reliability from your cables. Your goal is to ensure maximum uptime and optimal performance.

You should stay in compliance with the TIA-942 Structured Cabling Standard.  This will reduce the problems of cabling congestion and cooling and will future-proof your infrastructure for generations to come.

Most importantly, you can’t afford downtime! The CABLExpress maximum dB loss at 0.25 per MTP well exceeds the industry standard.

The CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk Solution is designed to meet or exceed industry cabling standards and dB loss budgets, so you can have confidence that your cabling infrastructure is allowing your Cisco switches to perform to their fullest capabilities.

For more information, check out the CABLExpress Cisco Cabling Solution Guide.