Avoid Costly Network Problems. Respect Layer One

Avoid Costly Network Problems. Respect Layer One

IT pros love the latest and greatest technology. When new technologies are announced IT pros want to learn all about it. But more than that, they want to use it.  

And who can blame people for wanting to use the latest and greatest technology?

Race Car or Jalopy?

High Performance requires quality componentsIT pros want to implement top end technology on the networks. There’s just one thing. What is that top end technology built on? It makes a big difference. Would it make sense for an Indy car team to have a car with the most advanced engine but use cheap tires?

Obviously this would be foolish for several reasons.

1.         You’re only as good as the foundation you’re built on

2.         Major limitations on performance and reliability

3.         No protection of your investment

The same is true for IT.

Comparing the IT world to the race car example above, your cables and layer one infrastructure are the tires. The reality is that far too many people are guilty of overlooking this aspect of their network.  It often results in very expensive and disastrous consequences.

Whether you are aware or not, the fact is that all types of network failures occur because of problems with network cables and cabling infrastructure. The two major mistakes people make are the following:

Respect Layer One - High Performance Cables1. Buying cheap / low quality cables

This is just a bad idea. Contrary to what some people think, not all cables are the same. In fact, that is far from the truth. If your business relies on your network (and you know it does) you are rolling the dice when you buy cheap cables. The differences in quality and performance are striking. And why invest in all kinds of expensive applications and software if the cables are going to undermine network performance?

2. Unorganized / messy cables

Like just about anything in life, being disorganized leads to mistakes. Plus, it makes troubleshooting and correcting mistakes more difficult. Investing in an organized, methodical cabling solution can make a huge difference. It’s a good idea to implement a quality structured cabling system that complies to the proper cabling standards.

If you want race car performance and reliability from your network, you need the proper high quality cables and an organized cabling system. This will be the foundation that allows your high end technology to operate worry-free at optimal level.

Dollar for dollar, this might be the smartest investment in your network.

At a relatively low cost, this investment will help you realize a solid ROI, decrease your costs of ownership, and protect your investments in other technology and applications that are critical to your business operations.