Arista Switches Plus Port Replication Provide Big Benefits

Arista Switches Plus Port Replication Provide Big Benefits

Arista switches and port replicationArista Networks provides high performance network switches for data centers, their performance is cutting edge and also high density – up to 1,152 10-Gig ports in an 8U switch! This could potentially make cable management a daunting task, but port replication in a passive optical environment can help alleviate potential cable management nightmares.

Port replication is a simple concept, and follows the industry standard for data center structured cabling design, the TIA-942. Simply cable up the switch and connect it to a patch panel in the Main Distribution Are (MDA). Therefore, and Moves Adds or Changes (MAC’s) are done in a passive environment and the cabling in the switch can remain untouched.  This way, the cabling in the switch can remain neat and clean and not fall prey to the “un-doing” of the cabling due to MAC’s done in the heat of the moment.

MPO connector - fiber cableAnother great advantage in this situation is the use of a harness cable that plugs into the switch. This type of cable utilizes the MPO connector and takes advantage of a bulk cable reduction over 60%. Pre-engineered staggers allow the harness to dress perfectly into the switch ports.

Another helpful aspect is the patch panel, where the active ports are replicated in the MDA. Since the patch panel is in a different location than the switch, it is very beneficial for the port numbering and orientation to be identical to the switch. This can help reduce errors, as there is no port mapping to be concerned with.

We have worked with many customers that have purchased the Arista 7508E switch and helped them cable it up in a way that looks great and performs to its optimum capacity. Something everyone can be proud of!