• Jul 11, 2012

CABLExpress® Improves Performance of Fiber Optic Cables to Maximum 0.4dB Loss

July 11, 2012 SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Responding to the need for data centers to reduce the amount of data lost within their network, CABLExpress® recently lowered the maximum assembly loss of its Skinny-Trunk® fiber optic harnesses and trunking MTP® to LC cables to 0.4dB.

The Skinny-Trunk line of products allows data centers to adhere to the Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers, or TIA-942, which dictates that a structured cabling environment is the ideal environment for data centers to grow and adjust to changing needs. The lower dB loss rates of the fiber optic harnesses and trunking cables with MTP® to LC connectors offsets the data lost due to adding additional mating points typical of a structured cabling system.

“As data centers grow and adopt next-gen networking technologies, fiber network cables must be able to support stricter loss requirements,” says Matt Graham, Director of CABLExpress. “We’re providing the high-performance fiber optic cables necessary to meet these requirements so that data centers can be ready for these changes.”   

Earlier this year, CABLExpress lowered the maximum insertion loss of its Skinny-Trunk assemblies to 0.25dB by making improvements to the cable manufacturing process and extensive production testing.

"CABLExpress continues to lead the industry in dB loss with our Skinny-Trunk fiber optic cabling system," says Graham. "We want to deliver the best value with our products and lowering dB loss provides a maximum return on our customers’ cable investments."

The Skinny-Trunk fiber optic assembly comes standard with a lifetime warranty.