• Nov 29, 2011

CABLExpress enclosure has industry’s best module insertion loss at 0.4dB

November 29, 2011 SYRACUSE, N.Y. – CABLExpress®, a manufacturer of data center and cabling infrastructure solutions, announced today that its modules now hold the lowest dB loss in the industry at 0.4dB. This includes the MTP®-to-LC modules in the Skinny-Trunk® H-Series and RSD Series fiber enclosures.
As network speeds increase, loss budgets decrease. At 0.4dB loss, CABLExpress modules allow customers to follow the TIA-942 design standard while keeping up with increasing network demands. 

“CABLExpress will continue to push the envelope in lowering the insertion loss of Skinny-Trunk products,” says Peter E. Belyea, President of CABLExpress. “Not only does it immediately improve data center performance, but it also future-proofs our customers’ data centers through multiple generations of hardware upgrades.”

The Skinny-Trunk H-Series Enclosure, ideal for condensed fiber applications, is available in both vertical and horizontal 1U, 4U, 6U and 10U mounting configurations. The RSD Series fiber enclosure, manufactured for structured cabling environments and open racks in telecom closets, is available in 1U, 2U and 4U and come with recessed sliding drawers for easy access.  Both products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

For more information on the Skinny-Trunk H-Series Enclosure and RSD Series fiber enclosure, call 1.800.913.9465.