Data Center Fiber Jumpers


Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Jumpers

Fiber Jumper Cables - Skinny Trunk by CABLExpress

As a part of the Skinny-Trunk® Solution, our data center fiber jumpers are designed for high performance, repeatability and saving space in the data center. 

CABLExpress® Skinny-Trunk Fiber Optic Cable

Product Features:


  • Small 2mm diameter saves space, ensuring critical airflow paths are not blocked in cabinets
  • Available in a variety of multi-mode and single-mode lengths and connector styles
  • Optional uniboot construction, allowing easier plug-in and unplugging and robust strain relief
  • Standard duplex zipcord construction offers easy field reversible polarity
  • Designed for high performance – rigorously tested for repeatability and loss, giving you the highest quality product that will perform for generations of hardware to come


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Fiber jumpers providing high-performance:

  • Save valuable space
  • Single-mode/multi-mode
  • Easy plugging/unplugging
  • Field reversible polarity
  • Highest quality product