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Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Assemblies

Fiber Cable Asemblies - Skinny Trunk by CABLExpress

Skinny-Trunk® fiber assemblies offer the performance, manageability, flexibility, repeatability and time savings you need in a fiber optic cable.

Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Assemblies - Product Features


  • Industry-leading performance guaranteed through generations of hardware upgrades
  • MTP® connector features the industry’s highest-precision thermoplastic ferrule, designed to lower insertion loss allowing connections to be made while meeting or exceeding loss budgets
  • Ultra-flexible MTP® breakout legs ensuring critical airflow paths are not blocked in cabinets
  • Trunking diameters are one-third of the competition, reducing congestion in your cabling pathways
  • Highly customizable legs, lengths and breakouts
  • Trunking options from 4 to 144 fiber count
  • Up to 12-to-1 plug-in factor saves valuable install time
  • Factory terminated and tested ensuring performance
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

Introducing Skinny-Trunk® 24

With 24 fibers in a single MTP® connector, the Skinny-Trunk 24 offers cutting-edge, industry-leading condensed fiber optic technology. CABLExpress is one of the first manufacturers in the industry to offer this leading-edge technology.


Skinny-Trunk 24 Spec Sheet

Industry-leading performance:

  • Exceed loss budgets
  • Lower insertion loss
  • Free up airflow paths
  • Save install time
  • Lifetime warranty



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