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Reduce installation time and cost with our copper cables

Copper Trunk Cables - by CABLExpress

CABLExpress® copper trunks are the reliable, fully customizable solution for reduced installation time and cost in your data center.

Available in standard size and mini CAT6 version, our copper trunks eliminate the need for field termination expertise with their plug-and-play design. They’re the ideal way to minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and deploy a reliable, easy-to-use copper trunking system.

Fully Customizable Copper Trunk Cables

Copper Trunk Cabling - by CABLExpress

Once you've measured your data center needs, our copper trunks will arrive at your facility with test results and completely customized to your exact specifications.

With breakout legs of just 0.148 inches in diameter, the CABLExpress® mini CAT6 copper trunk is ideal for plugging directly into your hardware. This reduced diameter makes cable management easy, reduces congestion and allows for increased airflow in the data center.

Standard Version Mini CAT6
- Plugs (CAT5e or CAT6) or jacks (CAT6) - CAT6 plugs
- Lengths from 10 to 295 feet (in 1-foot increments) - Lengths from 5 to 30 feet (in 1-foot increments)
- Breakout lengths from 12 to 48 inches (in 1-inch increments)

- Breakout lengths from 12     to 48 inches (in 1-inch increments)

Copper Trunk Cables

Product Features:

Lifetime Warranty
Our copper cables are backed with a lifetime warranty to protect both your connectivity investment and your peace of mind.

Test Results
You receive test results with each copper trunk, and since it's factory-terminated your results are guaranteed.

TAA Compliant
Our copper cables are TAA compliant, so you can rest assured you're getting top quality.

Port Emulation
Our port emulation design leads to less wear and tear on expensive Ethernet ports.

Patch Panels
Our high-density, modular patch panels help provide reliable connections (24 port = 1 rack unit, 72 port = 2 rack units).

Snagless Boots
Stagger your plugs for better cable management. Snagless boots make for ease of cable routing.


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Copper Trunk Resources:

Standard Copper Trunk Spec Sheet

Mini CAT6 Copper Trunk Spec Sheet

Modular Patch Panels Spec Sheet

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Reliable and fully customizable:

  • Reduces install time
  • Low cost, less downtime
  • No excess cable
  • TAA-compliant quality
  • Lifetime warranty

I have been using products from (CABLExpress) since 1997. The quality has always been exemplary…
Robert K.
Southern California Edison


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