Data center design to exceed TIA-942 standards

We follow the TIA-942 data center design philosophy. Our goal is to allow customers to have a manageable structured cabling system that can adapt to hardware upgrades, changes and any other potential issues that can wreak havoc on a cabling system.

This design philosophy is set up with patch panels at the top of every rack, or the center top of a rack cluster (depending on individual densities and bandwidth needs). The hardware in the racks can be connected to the patch panels via a short, manageable jumper. Trunking products are used from the back of the patch panel to an MDA (Main Distribution Area) either under floor or in an overhead tray. The MDA is where all the connections can be made in a passive environment. This system allows the easiest migration path to higher speeds and adaptations to new hardware when it is combined with modular and scalable patch panels.

We assist customers in migrating from a point-to-point design to this structured cabling design. Point-to-point is when you connect from one piece of hardware directly to another. This philosophy can potentially lead to a cabling mess; that’s why we’re big proponents of a well-devised structured cabling system.

Our Skinny-Trunk® Solution, a comprehensive, high-density trunking and fiber optic cable system, is ideal way to increase flexibility and improve performance in your structured data center. So give our experienced experts a call for all your data center design needs – it’s our job to make your network… work.

TIA-942 data center design philosophy:

  • Structured cabling system
  • Easy moves, adds, changes
  • Main Distribution Area
  • Trunking and jumpers
  • Future-proof designs