Healthcare Cabling


CABLExpress® helps you get the bandwidth you need to implement advanced diagnostic equipment, electronic records, and wireless systems.

The healthcare industry continues to become more and more digitized. Vital patient information is being stored locally in electronic medical records (EMR), and then shared across institutions through electronic health records (EHR), with wireless networks providing mobility, electronic picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) saving medical images in digital form, and RFID tagging tracking critical equipment.

It can seem exhausting when you take stock of it all. The technology is growing more and more robust, and utilizing it is increasingly becoming the everyday norm for healthcare professionals worldwide.

The upside to this digital world of healthcare is huge, but the downside is that you constantly require larger amounts of bandwidth and you can’t afford a single point of failure anywhere in your technology infrastructure. Any downtime, no matter how small, is unacceptable.

This webinar discusses the amendment to the TIA 568C.0 standard, explores what information the new standard contains, and what it can/will mean to the healthcare industry.

CABLExpress makes your network… work®.

That’s where we come in. We provide cables and hardware that meet and exceed TIA-1179 standards, delivering top-notch performance and reliability, while lowering your total cost of ownership and benefitting your bottom line. Our Skinny-Trunk® Solution is a high-performance, high-density optical trunking system that increases flexibility and improves performance in your data center.

We’re the lifeline of your data center.

Your networking infrastructure is only as good as the cables that your data flows through. As your bandwidth needs increase due to more patients with more digital information held in greater technology applications, trust CABLExpress to provide the high-quality cabling solutions you can rely on. Downtime is not an option – don’t let substandard cabling be your fatal flaw. CABLExpress makes your equipment worth the cost.

High-performance cabling for your EMR:

  • Eliminate downtime
  • Decrease dB loss
  • Clean look
  • Quick, easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty