Financial Institutions


Make your data center infrastructure worth the investment with our high-performance cabling solutions.

In the financial services industry, not only are customers and stakeholders able to access and utilize more information and features than ever before, they’re expecting 24/7 access. Even minimal downtime in the data center is no longer an option.

According to a study by Strategic Solutions, the estimated cost of downtime can cost anywhere from $50K to over $6 million per hour. Investing in high-performance cabling solutions today will prevent severe financial losses later on.

CABLExpress® manufactures high-performance, reliable cabling solutions that eliminate downtime, decrease dB loss and look clean.

  • Zero-downtime installation: our pre-terminated cables are quick and easy to install
  • High-performance: meet or exceed your loss budgets and distance
  • Get rid of spaghetti cabling: custom-built harnesses and fan-outs reduce cabling congestion and eliminate cable messes
  • Horizontal or vertical enclosure setup available
  • Custom-length cabling to meet all your cabling requirements
  • Lifetime warranty on all CABLExpress brand cables

Our cable specialists have the knowledge base to make your network work the way you need it to – regardless of the size of your facility or the density of connections you require. Call 1.800.913.9465 or request a quote today to see how our cabling solutions can make your data center worth every penny.

High-performance, reliable cabling:

  • Eliminate downtime
  • Decrease dB loss
  • Clean look
  • Quick, easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty