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1. Jerry Bowman Talks About Changes In Information and Communications Technology Industry

Recently we were fortunate to be able to interview Jerry Bowman, former president of BICSI.   He shared his thoughts and perscpetives while answering several questions we had for him.   In this brief post we are going to look at his thoughts on changes in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

Tags: Jerry Bowman, BICSI, ICT
2. Insights from Jerry Bowman Interview

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jerry Bowman, the former President of BICSI.  He was kind enough to give us some time to share thoughts on his experience in the ITS industry. He was both interesting and insightful. You can view the full Jerry Bowman interview - just click here.

Tags: Jerry Bowman, BICSI, data center cabling, cabling industry

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